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Diluting Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner



Here goes nothing. The wife bought some Coach cleaner for one of her light colored pursues. I tried to use the specific brand made cleaner and the results were non existent.

I figured the upholstery cleaner would kick *** like always. I am a little worried though.


I want to do some test spots, but can't find recommended water/product ratios.

I thought it would be wise to start with the least aggressive strength first.


thanks for the help. Hopefully i don't jack it up, lol. I will be purchasing a purse next if that happens.

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Seeing this post made me LOL - was just talking to my Bride the other day about doing this with her purse. I will be trying a 50/50 mix of the Carpet and Upholster cleaner on an inconspicuous spot.


Won't be able to post my results for a few days. Look forward to seeing what results you get! :2thumbs:

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