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Thanks to Lynn Matthews!


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I just wanted to post a quick note thanking Lynn for the "above and beyond" effort and magic that she performed working in cahoots with my wife for my birthday present. What a surprise! I couldnt be happier with the results, and the turnaround time I know involved a lot of personal time.

I can't reveal what the gift was yet because I'm going to show some people over the weekend first, but I'll post some pics!

Lynn, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

Another reason that Adam's--the entire COMPANY, and everyone involoved with the company, is the absolute best!:patriot: and :cheers:

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That's awesome to hear! You really can't top the service the staff at Adam's provides. Truly a great company above all. Glad you liked your present, and have fun using it. I like the added suspense with having to wait and see what it was! :thumbsup:

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Guest Sarah@Adams

You are more thank welcome, it was the least I could do! I hope you had a great Birthday!


Tell your wife hello and I am glad things worked out. :hi:


Oh, and sorry I missed you at Carlisle...

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