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Hi i'm Jesse, i live in minnesota... just stumbled on to adams through you tube looking for washing techniques to help prevent water spots on my 2012 ram because it is so large i was already getting them before i was even done rinsing, .... i came across a good video from junkman.. watched a few more from him .. and thats how i became hooked.. i payed attention to what he was saying and noticed he was really into this adams brand so i looked it up .. everyone looks to be really confident in it and impressed by all the products adams puts out... so i bought some :xfingers: .. well a lot..:D ..my first order was some wash, wax, sealant, detail spray, towels, and a few other things.. about 350 bucks worth.. i got the shipment in 3 or 4 days was very impressed with that, everything was there and neatly packed in good condition.. and the mints are delicious! ;) .. but i havnt been able to use any of it yet because i've been waiting for the weekend to come by :mad: .. i want to have time to do the 1st real detailing of my brand new shiny black truck the right way so it holds up and looks good for a long time .. in the meantime ive been reading and learning in the forums and looking through the product line making my list of other adams products to buy.. i've fallen in love :D ... i just finished putting in my order for just about every product and tool adams has to offer! .. HAHA the funny thing is i havnt even used the stuff yet! :drool:.. my second order cost about 650 bucks after my 10 % new guy discount to the forum which i am very happy with also .. cant wait till it gets here on wednesday to really get my truck shining.. a thousand bucks isnt bad for a full detail shop of the best stuff on the market at your fingertips :D ... so anyway to wrap things up you guys are doing awesome i love the product websites, i love the videos, and i love how helpfull / descriptive adams is with their products. you have a customer for life! ... thanks ... i'm gonna go wash my truck ! :D ...


oh one last thing .. i'm really looking for something durable/basically permanent that will keep the salt and corrosion off the underside of my truck that will hold up a long time in the salty winters of minnesota that is basically clear, easily maintained, and isnt ugly like that bedliner stuff on the market.. so any info on tips,tricks, products, or FUTURE ADAM'S products :D would be greatly appreciated! thanks again! :thumbsup:

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Welcome Jesse!


On the wash the biggest thing to remember is DON'T rinse it until you are done washing the whole thing. Then use the 'pool' (or 'sheet') rinse to cut down on the water spots. Hit the panels with some DS and wipe dry with the GWDT.

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Congrats on finding Adam's Polishes, you will never regret it. Once you've done your truck, you will find yourself wowed by how great it looks after the first detail with Adam's. Using Adam's is the best way to get you hooked! As far as the undercarriage protection, not really sure as to what you are looking for, I know there was a company that applied a clear coating on the bottom, it had a lifetime warranty, the only hook was the vehicle had to be checked yearly to make sure it was still covered, the stuff they applied had something in it that reacted to UV (black) lights so the techs could check for any areas that something may have scrapped the bottom, and they would re-apply to keep the warranty in force. I have tried like heck, but I just can't remember the name, my local Mazda dealer applied it to all my RX-7's and I really liked it because it offered protection and was ugly like other coatings I have seen.

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