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Detail Something Different: Patio Furniture


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What better way to pass the time on a hot and humid saturday than some detailing outside?! :cool:


It has been months since this has had any SVRT and the fire pit bowl has never been totally cleaned, but just dumped and rinsed.


Before Pic - Total set



Before Pic - Fire pit table Besides the tarnished and dirty copper bowl, the table is dull, lifeless, chalky finish... eek!



Before Pic - Dining table The metal on the table edges and chairs is dull and chalky.



On this project I used:

- All Purpose Cleaner

- Carpet brush

- Metal Polish #1

- Metal Polish #2

- 4" Focus Pad for metal polishing (blue)

- Super VRT

- Foam applicator block

- Quick Sealant

- 0000 Steel Wool

- Scotch Brite Pad :(


Started with the fire pit bowl. It was still a little dusty/ashy from the last fire. But IMO, not bad for a fire pit bowl.



Used APC and the carpet brush to clean the bowl, not much improvement.



So I pulled out the Metal Polish #1 and the 4" focus pad and went to town.

After just 30 seconds I realized this wasn't going anywhere fast... so I needed something more aggressive. Tried 0000 steel wool and it was somewhat effective but needed something even more aggressive. Since I didn't want to run to the store to get 000 or 00 steel wool I ended up using a scotch brite pad UNDER the 4" focus pad - hence I had a scotch brite rotary!! :help:


Used the scotch brite "rotary" pad with APC, then washed and cleaned the pad and bowl. Then shifted to using the metal polish #1 with the scotch brite pad, still on the rotary, using very consistent patterns in the bowl so that any abrasions in the bowl would look like factory machine marks. After a pass of that, then put steel wool UNDER the 4" focus pad, making a rotary with the 0000 steel wool, still using Metal Polish #1. Did 2 passes with the steel wool in the same consistent patterns that I used with the scotch brite pad earlier.


Used shop towels to wipe the bowl out to inspect. Looking good! Then moved on to Metal polish #2 and did one pass with the steel wool and then one pass with just the blue 4" focus pad. Wipe down with shop towels, wash, dry and then applied Quick Sealant.


I set the bowl aside and began work on the fire pit table that the bowl sits in. Using SVRT milk and a foam block applicator I spray the table and then wipe the table down. Here is a 50/50 of the table:



After completing the SVRT on the fire pit table I set this aside and went to work on the dining table and chairs. Using the same SVRT milk and foam block applicator I used the same process:



After finishing both tables and the chairs then applied a 2nd coat to just touch up any dry spots that were beginning to reappear.


Here are the finished shots:

After Pic - Dining table



After Pic - Fire pit table



After Pic - Complete Set




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Thanks guys for all the kudos!


I was thinking the same thing. Now all that grate needs is some hi-temp stove paint and the whole setup will look like new.


I looked in my cabinets to see if I had some on the shelf... but am out. I am going to paint the grate, just didn't want to run out to the store to get that and wanted to get the pics done before the next rain storm came! :thumbsup:

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very nice job!


where did you get your patio furniture? both of those sets would be perfect for our patio!




The patio furniture came from three different sources (3 years ago)

- Dining table/chairs/umbrella purchased from Lowes

- Round fire bowl table from Amazon (there is a smaller round side table that we have under the lanai along with another couple chairs with ottoman)

- Chairs around the round table from a local store here in the Tampa area named "Leader's Casual Furniture"

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