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2010 Dodge Charger SXT (pic heavy!)


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So I stumbled upon Adam's like many others have with searching how to get my car to look its best. I saw a few videos online and they were using this product called Adams. I was hesitant about order car care products online and having them work as well as other people have got them to work. So I waited until after my wedding and decided to order a PC, after that I knew I was going to have to get some products to start. Thats when I ordered my first "kit." So I was excited acting like a litte kid at christmas and then it came:mail:, but I had to wait for the weekend. So here are some shots from begining to end.








So yes I know it was dirty and I was embrassed to drive it and then swirls and minor scratches were bad!




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More swirls and scratches!




So now out came the clay bar and the PC:pc:



Even the wife loved the car and encouraged it happen more!




Look at that brilliant black pearl! :bow:




No more nasty tire when SVRT hits it



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I finally just want to thank Adam's for awesome products, fast shipping and great support. Also want to thank the forum members for the tips along the way. Your products make detailing easy and they turn out great shine and pull out the pearl in my brillant black pearl charger! Thanks again to Adam you have a customer for life!:cheers:




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Great Looking Job..


Looks like the Project Manager gave her seal of approval also!!! If the job did not come out so nice you might be in the boardroom!! Like the " Don " says, someone will be FIRED. :jester:


Great Job guys!! :2thumbs: Nothing Like some Adams products to the rescue!!

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