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New guy from South Texas


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Hello from Edinburg Texas. I have a new 370z and am looking at transitioning from zaino to adams. Any advise would be appreciated. I don't think I need to polish out any scratches yet so will probably start with the brilliant glaze and americana carnauba wax. Don't know about using the sealant. I'll be trying to learn all I can about the adams products. Thanks for what looks like a great forum. Mike...

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Welcome Mike!


Is the following order OK?

Wash, dry, quick sealant, glaze, americana wax.

Any detail spray recommended? Maybe when drying?

Thanks, Mike...


DS makes a great drying agent! But some prefer WW, as it creates a little less static electricity. I use DS, as I can't give up the smell!

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Tell me about it. I attached a pic in the testing area but when I tried to attach the pic in this thread, it told me I had already uploaded the pic and I don't know how to attach it here. I am waiting on some help to find out how I attach the same pic here. Mike...

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