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Hello, My name is Travis. im originally from seattle washington. im active duty military stationed in Ft. Campbell KY. Im a Armament electrician for attack helicopters by trade but recently started to make the moves to go from car club, friend, neighborhood detailer to an actual business. I drive a corn fed mazdaspeed3, and love getting to know new car communities.


i hope to meet plenty of new people, learn new things, and hopefully have the opportunity to teach as well.




well on to the pictures! :)


These are a couple of memorable details over the last month. i hope you enjoy them.


A friends 2012 mazdaspeed3 i plastidiped for him. also made him some mudflaps with airbrushed carclub logo.



most of my lady friends are married with children. this lady asked me to install a new carpet lol i told her ill try to clean it the best i can before you spend all that much money. let me tell you what… ive seen some bad stuff but this takes the cake for this year. heres a couple before and afters.




A friend of mine drove all the way down from champaign IL to get his newly purchased crystal white pearl mazdaspeed6 started on the right foot. thoroughly enjoyed working with this car.







This was a beautiful mitsubishi evo 8 in hyper white. the most extensive detail in the last few months. unlike most japanese paints this paint was very hard.







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