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Updated 4" Backing Plates - NOW SHIPPING..

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We'll be moving away from a universal plate for 4" pads and going to separate PC and Drill Plates. The main reason for the change was customer input. Some people would experience issues with the adapter unthreading if it was not tightened enough prior to starting use. An easy mistake to make, especially when swapping back and forth between tools. Also, the act of changing plates could get tedious over the course of a detail if you needed to swap between drill and PC use multiple times in one job.


The separate plates will allow you to have 1 plate at the ready full time in your drill while the PC plate can be left connected to your polisher for tight work.


These will be available for purchase soon, stay tuned!








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I had the problem with the backing plate come off PC... but once I read that it shouldn't be used over speed 4 never had another problem.


It will be nice to have dedicated backing plates! One less potential failure!!

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Alright guys... some of you who have ordered recently may have gotten a little surprise as we shipped a couple of random orders with the new 4" plates. The rest of you they go live today. A few new pad kits accompany them as well, with a few more coming in the next few days.


772.jpg 770.jpg


774.jpg 773.jpg



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