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I used to be normal

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now I'm a junkie 48f1350d-6c7c-cc2f.jpg


Oh and I guess this is my introduction thread.

I got into detailing tween I turned 18 and bought my first brand new car and then shortly after was offered a job from a used car dealer after he saw how good of work i have done to my car. I recently just bought a 2012 VW Golf TDI and just found Adams products. So far they go great together. I just bought the porter cable and will begin correcting my family's cars this weekend.

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I used to always tell the old woman "don't put storage in the garage! That's my place of meditation and I can't meditate with your boxes everywhere."


now I find myself in quite a hypocritical situation. :/ lol


Welcome to the addiction, and good luck with the paint correction!


- Travis

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