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How often and hard to reach places?





I just received some adams products for my interior. I have been looking into to using them on the exterior too. I had 2 questions:


Should I be concerned with how often I use machine polishing (how many times can I do it before it starts to cause a problem with the paint)?


Also how to get the hard to reach areas? I know that that the PC and Flex should not be used on small folds indents and raises. Should I use the machine products with a hand pad?


I currently have Full sized SUV, and a Mini on the way.

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Welcome to AF!


Most do a full correction twice a year - strong polish followed by a finishing polish. The key is working on your 2 bucket wash technique so that you don't need to use the strong polishes often. FMP, Adam's finishing polish, can be used 100's of times.


The hex hand applicators are the best way to the places the machine will not reach. I guess in a pinch you could use the 4" pads by hand for those areas.

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I am planning on going to the 2 bucket method (it is new to me, but it does make a lot of sense when I see what it is meant to do). It sounds like I could minimize the strong polish to be able to use the fine polish and sealant a few times a year.


I would like to minimize the amount of products I need to keep on the shelf. I did not know if there was an issue using some of the machine products by hand on the non-machinable areas.

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