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great night of detailing....



until...i backed over my foam gun...



yep. my cousin bought her first new car 2012 elantra. nice silver color much easier to work with than my black gto. so it went great. i strip washed it and then put down a layer of machine super sealant and then americana... well by the time I was finished it was dark she left i backed my car in to my drive way and I hear crunch...i backed over the bottle part of the foam gun... well im off now to search for a replacement bottle at least. i think the rest of it is still good. if it isn't its one of the cheapo gilmour ones so maybe ill look for a better one... :(

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yep feel like a total idiot.

with two black cars it sucks too...i was thinking maybe like a mayo jar would fit or something like that size.


At least my cousin is happy and her car looks great. I remember what it was like 6 years ago when i bought my gto brand new...just happy now to finally have it paid off.

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