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Finished my first time with Adams



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looks great! tell us more about the process




Started with the Dawn wash


Clay bar


VRT all of the black pieces


swirl and haze remover


machine polish


Machine sealent








finally all of the glass


it was a lot of work but it looks pretty good. Hope it last at least 3 months

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Your Vette came out amazing. Great job. 13 hours over 2 days seems like a lot of work but it's always worth it in the end. Especially when you get those kind of results!


Just make sure you manage keeping it up now and everything will be easier. 2 bucket washes, Waterless Wash wipe downs and of course Adam's microfiber towels.

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Thanks everyone!


It was a lot of work but I think it came out OK.


Of course as this is my daily driver it gets rained on every day during our regular Florida afternoon showers!



Keep some Waterless Car Wash and Detail Spray in your car so you can get rid of those nasty acid rain water spots asap.


Aren't your showers like 10 minutes long?? lol :jester:

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Gary.........she's GOOOOORGEOUS MAN!!!! :)


To answer your question, YES, that protection will last you 3 months no problem. However, if the car is your DD and is constantly exposed to heavy sun and random rain showers, it WILL be compromised. My advice is in about 4-6 weeks, add a fresh coat of Americana to replenish the protection.


The guys above make GREAT RECOMMENDATIONS. Keeping Waterless Wash & towels handy, along with DS & Single/Doublesoft towels handy will be elemental in preventing those water spots after a shower.


And so long as you practice good technique & watch the videos, you'll prevent any scratching as well. Remember, we're here to help!!! :)

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