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Debadged F150... Oops..


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If your good you know how to use a welder you could fill it..sand it..prime it..paint it..or Bondi and sand paper and a can of color matched spray paint


Spreadin pimpin mobile from tapa son...

Only if you want the tailgate to stick out like a sore thumb. If you patch the holes and do body work the whole tailgate will have to be repainted...it's impossible to repair and paint just a small area with the clearcoat paints...then you risk the paint not being quite the match of the rest of the truck. I agree with the others put the emblem back on.

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I have a '98 F150 4x4 and have the same emblem... I never removed it for this reason... lol


At least you didn't mess anything up...


I do have to say that a Flex or PC could be used on that tailgate though... lol


OK, my truck isn't corrected either... Actually... It's sitting dirty in the garage right now. I don't bother correcting the paint when I use it for its intended purpose. Hauling stuff and pulling stuff.

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Haha, I use the truck as my daily driver, but it's my first truck and i love the thing. I just received my pads APC and Severe Swirl Remover in the mail today, so i'll be quite busy correcting the paint in the next two days. :D

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