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HELP! Bumper Scratch fixing



Hey everyone,


Some one hit my bumper last night in a parking and the type of OCD I am about my car, I haven't been able to sleep yet lol I filled the scratch with touch up paint, and then used SSR, SHR, and Fine Machine Polish after. The picture attached is the result after all of these, Do you think I can make it any better? Maybe sanding? Any advice is highly appreciated.




Edit: Full Size Picture: Download bumper.JPG from Sendspace.com - send big files the easy way

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Maybe a better job with the touch up paint. It should be pretty smooth by now and be able to get a good fill with the touch up.


Will try that. So you don't suggest sanding it?


I would try adding paint to see how that does, before removing 'lots' (relatively) of paint with wetsanding.

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