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Hyundia with flat paint


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Flat paint on automobiles I think is a bad idea. Over time certain areas will tend to wear and show a different texture. No easy way of "polishing" it back to a consistent matte finish.


yup! flat paint only works on a non-daily driver that is stored indoors.


never heard of using glass cleaner to clean it though! 2 bucket wash is safe on flat paint at least! with waterless wash as a drying agent.

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Yea not a fan of the matte jobs. Particularly because there is no way to fix the imperfections the paint is going to acquire in time. Bird poop, you're hosed. Scratch from a kid riding a bike, you're hosed. Swirls from improper washing, you're hosed. Hyundai fixing it after a bird bomb? Not going to happen... Basically you're just 100% hosed.

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This is similar to the agreement BMW put out when it did a limited run of the M3 in a flat silver (forget the paint color name) it was basically as "you are screwed" agreement and for the privilege they charge you extra money!


IMO flat paint has been done to death now... its fine as an accent, but I'd never have a car finished entirely in it.

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I dig it. But you guys are right.

Funny thing is, my matte roof on the Charger accepted Quick Sealant like a CHAMP!!! I'm guessing Hyundai doesn't know about Adams, lol.......oh, and WW and DS work like a charm on it too. :)


I met a guy at a car show who had a matte grey z06. the guy who installed his vinyl said to only use a windex or glass cleaner...I forget. It was a sweet ride.




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