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Need some serious help...



Drove my car to work today, which is not normal but I had to work 1st shift today so I had to park in a different area. Bear in mind, that it has been 100 degrees all week. So I come out today and soon as I looked at my car, I noticed the shine was a bit dull. Walked up and realized that the sprinkler had demolished my car. Guy at my work who keeps his Jimmy very very clean told me that the water at my shop has a lot of lime in it. I believe him now! The hard water spots on my car are bad enough I could feel them with my nail, the hood was hit hardest. Since it is unbearable to be outside right now, I just ran over to the car wash and gave it a quick rinse to try ot knock some of it off and then sprayed down some detail spray to help it out. It helped a little bit but not much. So my question is, what do I do to get it back to super smooth, do I have to re clay it or just a good wash with the wash pad do the trick?



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Between Revive and Swirl & Haze Remover you should be able to get all the spots, although it is brutal outside to do that, probably best to wait until late evening or early morning so you don't have heat exhaustion or worst.

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