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UFC 148: It's time!


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So that match was bs..sunnon had the first round...I've seen ppl get beat worse than that...he was a deer in the headlights after he fell that kills me that he just got scared all of a sudden...facepalm


Tapa Mobile..


Thats funny I thought kinda the same thing. It seemed he (Sunnon) knew opps I messed up on this one and was waiting for the punishment. With that said if you look at Anderson just abit before that he started his hands down bob and weave deal which usally means he knows he is on the right track to win. For, me i knew then Anderson knew something (Sunnon) was hurt or gassed in my opion. Not sure which.

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A little angry about the outcome.... Since when should Chael be attempting spinning backfists against Silva? :confused:


He should of just keep putting Anderson's arse to the ground.


couldn't agree more. I think Chael was scared, b/c just before that Anderson tagged him pretty good!

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It was good to see Forrest vs Tito 3, and also good to see it was Tito's last fight.

I am bummed about the Silva fight, I really wish that someone would takeover that belt but Silva is a phenomenal fighter.

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