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Was asked to detail an old PT Cruiser two weekends ago. This thing showed up looking like various farm animals had been living in it. The paint was in just as bad of shape unfortunately.


Saddly none of my before shots really turned out for paint issues.


I started bright and early to beat the heat around 7am with a nice two bucket strip wash (oh as always all products are Adams except for some 3M adhesive remover).


After the wash I did some clay work. This resulted in tossing the clay chunk after i was done. Granted I had clayed 2 other vehicles with this piece before but this was literally the type of "clay half the hood fold and turn, second half fold and turn, half a door fold and turn etc"


Anyways after the claying I went at the interior first. Wow wow wow this was a mess. Took me a good 45 minutes to vacuum this all out (partly because I was having issues with my MetroVac500..since remedied by Ashley and Metro).


I wiped down the plastics inside using some waterless wash. The guy who's car it is is allergic to everything and didnt want any harsh chemicals used for fear of allergic reactions. It also meant I avoided the carpet and upholstery cleaner as well.


I ended up treating the plastic dash and doors with SVRT instead of LIC as well just to go a bit mild.


Onto the paint..which proved to be another challenge. Two passes of SSR green pad, 2 passes SHR orange, 1 pass FMP white all on the flex and I was still left with loads of bad damage. The overall shine was amazing but this car has a TON of bad scratches that would need something way more aggressive then SSR (ie compounds, wool, wet sanding..all of the above).


Anyways..7 hours later and she definitely looks way better than when I started...and the owner was ecstatic. Gave new life to his old get around town car.


Enjoy the pics!!















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What kind of light do I see in that reflection picture? Looks bad ***. Like some sort of Independence Day-Alien-Strobe...


It was from harbor freight. To be honest I wasn't happy with it so bought a Brinkman and returned that one. Brinkman is sooooo much brighter.

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Very nice! The pain you endured from the paint is due to Chrysler/Dodge using rock hard paint. I face the same pain every time I work on an SRT-4 Neon. It appears you were able to revive the paint on this quite nicely though.

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