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New Ford Explorer. New Adam's customer.

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I think it came out fantastic. Next time around I need more microfiber towels and a window cleaning kit.

Bought it on Thursday and the dealer hadn't had a chance to molest it so I had a good starting point. Still took forever.


2 bucket wash

Clayed (It didn't need it at all but I did the entire thing and windows anyway)

Quick Sealant

Brilliant Glaze


SVRT all the trim


Finished it up last night. My wife took all the pictures and they've been resized by facebook. Aside from the poor metering the camera did, they show off the work reasonably well. No before shots.












Next weekend the mustang gets the same treatment + machine polish.

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82 years old. He didn't even look before changing lanes. Kept saying I was in his blind spot and that he didn't even know he hit me. His front wheel hit my front wheel and his back wheel hit my back wheel.


This is just how my life is.

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