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Depth of Speed: High Mileage

Team Adam's

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If you've attended any of the big car shows around the US odds are you've seen John's van. I absolutely love his work and have been following his work for awhile now. Just a cool video about him and his passion for cars, photography, etc.


[ame=http://vimeo.com/45579844]Depth of Speed: High Mileage on Vimeo[/ame]

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So sweet, seems like a pretty sweet job to have. I wonder what kind of camera that is. I'm just new to the photography scene, but that looks much different than anything I've ever seen.

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I came across John's work several years ago on the HAMB and have followed his exploits on facebook. His subject matter of hot rods and motorcycles (with the occasional model) is right up my alley, and though I know nothing of photography, he does have a recognizable style.

NotStock Photography

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