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I was at my cousin-in-law's the other day and was talking with him about his robotic vacuum.


He had an Auqabot for a while before and love it.. last year and it ended up having issues and he replaced it with a Dolphin DX-5 Plus which he also loves.


The Wife and I are considering investing in one to make our maintenance a little easier.. I would be nice to just hop in on a hot day versus taking out the vacuum and doing that for a half hour or so..


Do any of you use and automated pool vacuum? If you have one, which make and model and what do you like/dislike about it?



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I had a pool vac in a house a few years back. It was a Hayward 2025.


It came with the house when I purchased the house and didn't know how to properly use it... I left it in the pool all week. After a year it was having problems, luckily parts were readily available. After that I just put it in the pool once or twice a week for a few hours each time.


Worked great on that quartz finish pool. Would use one again when/if I get another pool.



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