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Subject: 2012 Ram 1500

Drugs of Choice: Americana, MSS, In and Out Spray, LIC, LC, SVRT, Clay, QS, WW


Got to try out the new Woolies, Quick Sealant, and WW. All products worked amazingly, like the rest of Adam's stuff. Mother nature tried testing me yesterday with a rain storm but I beat it home! Truck is brand new so just need a claying and applied MSS yesterday. Got up this morning and used WW to clean all surfaces and then applied Americana. Truck looks Awesome! Thanks Adam for the great products and the Adam's team for outstanding customer service! You all kick butt!




Can't clean your ride without a VonKleisting moment









the clouds are hiding BOB





Sorry that last one is a little blurry, its the iPhone. Thank you all for looking!

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