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cleaning flat screen tvs?



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We stock Adam's Glass Cleaner at my work...


In case you don't know much about me I am a computer tech for a school district. It's all we use on MacBooks, iMacs, LCD screens (glossy and matte).




You're good.


No ammonia = Happy Screen.

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Its what I use. I also use adams glass cleaner to clean any kind of thing you look at or through. Sunglasses, cell phones, laptops, tvs, etc. Works great no streaks no residue


Glass Sealant on your smartphone's touchscreen helps with those dreaded fingerprints :D

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I spray it right on my plasma making sure it's cool to the touch...


I've used and even recorded me using BG on my screen when it first came out.






I do the same thing that Chris does. On both our LCD and Plasma screens, when they are cool, I spray the screen directly and then proceed to gently wipe them down with the glass towel . If we use the right amount of spray (less is more) then we never have anything running down the screen and behind the border/frame. Follow it up with a little brilliant glaze with a single soft and it is good for another 6 months to a year. The brilliant glaze seems to really help prevent dust from sticking to the surface of the glass.



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