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What product to boat seats?

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Both VRT and LC are dry to the touch after applying, so there is no worry about it coming off when someone sits down. It will, however, like everything, wear away over time and you'll eventually need to apply more.


VRT has a lower SPF but is water repellant. LC has a higher SPF but isn't water repellant. Either will work just as good, it's just a matter of which feature you'd need more.

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SVRT will work.....however, I would look into something that's geared toward boats. It'll likely last longer and be more effective in that environment.


With that being said I use quick sealant on my jet skis every time I use them after I take em outta the water and wash em down. Also use SVRT on seats and trim. I only do that cause I already have it around. It doesn't last very long. Maybe 1-2 outtings.

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