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Group buy on hydrofoamer nozzle tips!!

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I created a thread in which I made a nozzle tip for the hydrofoamer to make it a much more powerful stream to knock dirt and grime lose before the actual washing of my truck. Some people displayed interest in purchasing one, so I am creating a group buy.

The price will be 15$ shipped to the continental USA. Everyone else will need to PM me for a quote

The nozzle tip will be made of black nylon and will only fit the hydrofoamer.

I need to know how many people would like to purchase one so please just make a post saying you would like one and i will make a list. I will be taking orders until July 28th. after that I will make the peices and ship out. I will not need money until they are ready to be shipped. I will make a post when they are ready.



Original post where tip can be seen:



1. DrPaul84

2.&3. 02Xtreme07SS

4. The1inblue

5. Paoutdoorsman

6. Eric@thompsonracing.us

7. Mc2hill

8. Ffkingsford

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Count me in, I'll try one. I bought a HydroFoamer from Thompson Racing at the Fall 2011 clinic as well.


I had to look back thinking I went to that one, but I went to the april 2011 clinic. My girl was actually the blonde junkman took a picture with. I also was at the last clinic and bought my truck on the way there. Haha. Eric always has a nice clinic

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Decide to take a couple action pics with the help of my daughter. Kids should also come with a warning stating that if they help you wash a vehicle you will be squirted with the hose even when they are standing next to you hahaha.

without tip


Tip added and me getting soaked:


without the tip


with the tip on


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