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My First real correction and detail

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Got my PC kit in the other day so I could finally really start detailing my vehicles. I started on my bike last night since it's so small and was in decent shape. Did orange-white-black then let it sit over night. Then in between doing the car today I put on a glaze coat and then americana. Haven't bolted the fairings back on or put the blinkers on yet. But she's looking pretty good!








The car was a much bigger project. When I got it, the dealer had already RAPED it. The swirls are TERRIBLE on this thing. Doesn't surprise me since I saw the guy at the dealer cleaning new cars with a SPONGE!


It's really hard to photograph swirls on this color, it has no metal flake, it's just kinda a flat pastel. I started this morning at like 7am and just got done. Stripped it with dawn, clayed it again(I clayed it right after I got it) and then started with the orange polish. I did the hood twice with orange and then white and it's still not perfect. I didn't buy the green polish, but I think I'm gonna need it to get these level of swirls and scratches out. Because of that I ended up only doing the hood and roof with orange/white. Then I just put a coat of machine super sealant on the whole car. I figure when I get the green stuff, I will just strip one panel at a time and start correcting. The sealant should protect it for now.


There's currently no wax on it, gonna do the glaze/americana tomorrow.


Hard to see any swirls, but this is before I corrected on the roof and top of the door.




This is after the orange and white




It's better but still not perfect. Didn't even have time to clean wheels or anything lol. Gonna do that tonight when sun goes down.






Sorry for the long post. I'm still trying to get my technique down, hopefully it'll get easier with time lol.

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Forgot to update this after the glaze/wax. I washed it this morning since it got a little greasy when I put new headers on yesterday. This is glaze/americana now. It's been washed twice too. I have some residue on the black plastic I still need to get off, but she's looking ok.






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