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Hey all from tampa fl

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Found this site and the Adam's line products from the "junkman"on youtube..hope to share and learn some tricks of the trade,as I have a few myself...gonna be ordering the 7424 probly with a foam pad kit ...anyone else here bought these kits? any feed back would be great..:glasses:

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Welcome to the forum. All of the products that Adam sells are the best going and easy to use. That kit is great. I have everything that is in it, except, I started with Adams products when he only had Swirl & Haze Remover, Revive Polish, Buttery Wax, Detail Spray and a few other products. I have seen him grow from a small one man shop to where he is today, and all I can say, he has not changed one bit. Customer service is second to none.

By the way I live in the Tampa Bay area myself.

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