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Adam's and Carbone's - She's a Nuclear Chemist!!


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For all of us who have had the extreme pleasure of dining at Carbone's and meeting this wonderful lady, here's a story that was recently printed about her in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. She's a nuclear chemist!!



A newsmaker you should know: Natalie Carbone Mangini -- from nuclear lab to front of house - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette



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Thanks for sharing Rich. She sure isn't a stuffy brainiak! I remember the first visit with Adam and AJ taking pictures with her and the staff. Everyone had a great time. I sure hope I am around at 84 and on top of my game like she is.

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What a neat, and humble woman Natalie is.... She told us her story 3 years ago, when we were there for the annual visit. We have photos with her for the past few years, here they are.....http://www.adamsforums.com/forums/lounge/6479.htm



Go Natalie!! (I hope that we celebrate our 75th anniversary 62 years from now, with a family member at the helm. Kudos to Natalie, and to Carbone's!)



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