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New guy from Metro Detroit

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So this package appeared on my doorstep today :mail: and I couldnt help but think to myself "Oh my god before long ill be one of them crazies on Adams forums who spend all day detailing!"


In this pack is:




-Fine Polish

-S.V.R.T (better known as devils magic. only way to describe unreal results)


Still in transit is machine sealant. I ran out of $ so the clay bar, detail spray and wax is from other places, also I didnt want to spend all I had on adams since I had never tried it before.


Needless to say, I went right to work. My quick project starts with an 08 cobalt. It was a prior rental car, and I had never truly detailed like this before, so I figured the hood would be a good place to start.





Side by side:



Im pretty impressed with the results. In the side by side you can see alot of scratches still, but I wasnt able to play long. I do love the product so far, maybe ill spend a few extra bucks for the waxes?:)

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Welcome Taylor.

Those scratches will be history soon!

Adams makes it easy especially if you never detailed like this before.

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welcome! if your anywhere near West Bloomfield and ever need some Adams products make a trip over to Cauley Performance, we have all Adams stuff in stock that youlll ever want and won't have to wait for shipping! This forum will be your best friend as you go through your detailing journey, all nice great people here and will help you, all you have to do is ask.

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For all you folks that are wondering, I live in clarkston. MichiganMan, I work at Golling chrysler dodge jeep ram, If you ever take the jeep through the express lane, say hi. And going to that shop sounds much easier then ordering online, ill have to stop by.


On a side note, there seems to be a few people around me! We should get together and show me how to do this better:cheers:

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