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NEW! FlatStoppers® Now Available @ Adam's!

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Adam's Polishes - Adam's NEW Flatstoppers® by Race Ramps


  • Keep Tires from Flat Spotting during Storage
  • Good for Tires 25" to 30"
  • Will NOT Scratch or Markup your Floors


Adam's ALL NEW FlatStoppers® were created to keep tires from developing flat spots while your vehicle is being stored for periods of 30 days or longer. This made in the USA, extremely lightweight and nearly indestructible product is ideal for customers with show cars, weekend drivers, or vehicles that are stored for long periods of time.


FlatStoppers® will not conduct heat or cold into your tires despite the ever changing temperatures of your floors. Once your vehicle is placed on the 22.34" long by 3.39" high and 14" wide pads, your tires will settle into the concave design evenly dispersing the weight of your car, and thus preventing any flat spotting.


Best of all, the textured coating on the pads prevents any sliding across floors - including epoxy-coated, they will not rust over time, and the extremely durable construction will hold up to 6,000 pounds!


The made in the USA FlatStoppers® are 110% guaranteed to satisfy you!


Included: One set of four 22.34" x 3.39" x 14" FlatStoppers®

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I have these and they are awesome. Great for keeping the cold out of your tires on cement in the winter, and when your tires are hot, they're great for keeping the tire shape. Highly recommended. :2thumbs::2thumbs:



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My dad uses these on his 335i and Explorer in FL. We're not sure if they work yet, but he'll l know in November when he gets back down there and drives them. Ford was kind enough to replace ALL four of his tires last year, but so not to repeat it, he bought 8 of these.



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Not really... they don't have the same 'cup' shape at the top of the ramp like the flat stoppers do.


Thanks! So these would fit the 20" tires my wife has on her 2011 Camaro RS? On the page it mentions fitting tires 25" to 30" which confuses me a bit. Aren't tires normally 15-20" unless it's a truck?

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