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How to Upload a Picture to your Post


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If you do not have a photobucket account, or another remote location to store your photos (in which case you would simply place the URL to your image within the [ img ] [ /img ] tags) you can upload up to 10 images per post by following the instructions below:


Click on "More Reply Options" at the bottom of the page to enter "full" reply view:




Under the big text box where you type your reply, you will see the options for Attaching Files. Click on "Choose File" to pick a file from your computer:




Once you choose your file, the file name should appear in place of "No file chosen" - now click on "Attach File" and you will see the file appear above. You can repeat this process for every image you want to attach to the post:




Following this procedure will group all your attachments at the bottom of your post. If you want them to appear within your text, simply click the "Add to Post" link next to each individual upload, and the special code for your attachment will appear in the text box. You can move this string of text anywhere you like within your post:



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