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Hey Guys - with Hurricane season here and Isaac doing its damage....I am in the market for a good & solid portable generator.


I live in New England and we get our fair share of storms plus heavy snowstorms in the winter....last year we lost power twice for over 5 days each. So I think its time to buy one.


I currently have a Coleman 5000 thats LOUD as HECK and I would like to upgrade to something at least a little quieter and more reliable and with cleaner power and a little more juice - something in the 6000 to 9000 watt range.


Right now I am looking at the Generac GP7500e and the Briggs&Stratton 30471 8000 watt.


Does anyone have any comments on either of these....and if not - do you have any experience with a generator that you would recommend ?


Thanks in advance !!!

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If your looking for something quiet, I doubt your going to find anything quieter than a Honda generator. I have a generator and like you mentioned it is noisy. Most I think are. I have a neighbor that has a couple of the Honda's and they are quiet. Extremely quiet in comparison. And I believe you can daisy chain them to get the power you need, or want. They are expensive however.


Honda Generators - Selecting the right portable generator for you


Honda EU3000 Reviews | Buzzillions.com

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For sound and quality the Hondas are the bomb! For price and reliability I'd look hard at the newest Miller Bobcat welder with Fuel Injection. It's 10,000 watts with a peak of 11,000 I believe. The new Millers have been completely redesigned for quiet long operation. Oh and they're made in the USA in Appleton WI.



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