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New From Columbus Ohio


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I have lurked this forum for the past few weeks and have started buying ALOT of the Daily and weekly specials!! (Very addictive concept). As you can see from my screen name, my name is Cody and i own a 2006 M6 Phantom Black GTO.

I have been very much into learning how to build cars for the past 10 years but i have never had a vehicle that i wanted to spend good money on detailing and polishing. I am very interested in learning the in's and out's and eventually be able to help others.

P.S. I list myself as being from Columbus ohio as that is my home but i currently live in Okinawa Japan, due to being in the USMC

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Robert- I will definitely try and go to as many get together's as possible

yes Okinawa was hit by a couple typhoons in the past three weeks, both were supposed to be the worst in 13 years but lost strength before hitting the island, kinda disappointing lol.

Thanks again for the welcomes!!

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