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Sometimes it's the Little Things...


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I purchased the TSW Laguna Wheels for my GTO in the spring of 2008, they've currently got 9,000 miles on them.



This year I notice the little Red Flag in the W has begun to turn Orange and the entire Center Cap has Yellowed.



Here's a comparison of one on the car and a brand new one. The upper one is the new one and still has a protective plastic film on it which is why it appears scratched. I have two of these new ones, but wanted to try something a bit different before tracking down two more of the TSW covers.



I picked up a set of Liquidome "stickers" from GrafxWerks to cover the center caps. Liquidome is a clear silicone that's applied over the sticker giving it a 3-D appearance and a softer, rubbery feel.



When I opened the envelope they arrived in I was thinking there was going to be way too much black.





Changed my mind once I got them on. There's more than enough black on the car to blend it all together.






Of course while I had the wheels off I completely (read front and rear) cleaned them with Waterless Wash, sealed them with Quick Sealant and waxed them with Americana. One wheel has a small spot with the clear gone, so that spot also got hit with Metal Polish #2. The rubber was cleaned and treated to a nice coat of VRT.

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Nice. Like you, my first thought was "that will be too much black." But I agree they look good on there, like they could be original.

Have you thought about buying several sets in case these fade prematurely?

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