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What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today

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Washed the Raptor...       ...and the Jeep.      

Yesterday I wet sanded my headlights. I had no clue what I was doing but I followed the steps from another post here on the forum. 1500 grit, 2000 grit, 3000 grit, Swirl killer with orange foam pad a

2 bucket wash and H2O g&g!

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Last week polished and used the graphene coating for the first time.  It was super easy to apply.  It rained a little today and I'll say I'm impressed.  This stuff is super slick.  

Wednesday I polished and coated the GF's car.  The clear coat on her car is hard and doesn't scratch easy to I just did a quick over with Adams finishing polish and was good to go.  Her tires are unusually easy to remove the bloom from so I decided to apply tire armor to them after I cleaned them.  Not sure what it is about car being to easy to maintain but I'm glad. The tires on my truck never looked this good with the tire armor either.






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In August 2019, I put Ceramic Spray Coating on this picket and while it has had regular maintenance, I was going to redo it this weekend.  After a looking at the truck this morning, I decided that I would do a good wash, touch up a few spots and a fresh layer of Slick & Slide.  


After Christmas a few new items that I'm pretty confident are being added to the truck, we'll strip it down and do a wheels off recoat with Graphene.   


In the background you can see one of my dogwood trees that have changed colors - to brown.


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Yesterday I rinseless washed the SS using Adam’s Rinseless Wash in a bucket chock full of fluffy MF towels. Adam’s Ceramic Boost went on all surfaces except the tires which got Adam’s Tire Shine this morning. After that I rinseless washed the wife’s Beast using a competitor’s rinseless wash followed by the competitor’s spray wax as a drying aid. Adam’s Tire Shine completed the quick wash. She loves the stuff. Come spring I plan to roll her beast over to the Adam’s family. This will streamline my products and my shopping.  



On a side note I used my new 20” step up platform to reach her roof and windshield. Wow! I should have had one of those all along.



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This 2002 Mini Cooper was a Yard find.  It seems that barn finds or garage finds are the norm, but this was sitting in a yard for an extended period of time.  The vehicle is going to a young couple that has been having a tough year and their previous transportation was no longer viable.  Given that they both work in the restaurant business which got hit hard financially, a couple of us pulled together to help them out.  My son-in-law found the vehicle and it needed some mechanical work, which he performed and I cleaned it up to make it look pretty - Pro gratis.


The first two pictures are as it arrived at the house.  The third picture is after three bucket washes - this is one bucket with strip wash and I didn't bother with a rinse bucket, I just used the hose rise off the wash mitt.  I washed it three times to get the crust off it.  The third picture was top after the washed when I put it in the garage.


There was no need for a baggy test, the thing felt like sandpaper.  Lots of detail spray and the clay mitt got a work out.  It was so bad that I had to hit the clay mitt with the hose to clean off the gunk.  After the claying, I grabbed my worst pad and the bottle of Compound to get the next layer of stuff off it.  I used the SK15 and SK Mini on the mini.  


The trim, which was supposed to be black, was a mix of almost back, gray and almost white.  There is a lot of trim of on a Mini Cooper and I used plenty of Trim Restore on it and it came our rather well.  


Items used:

Strip Wash x 3, APC, Wheel & Tire Cleaner, Details Spray, Clay Mitt, Black Trim Restorer, Compound, Finishing Polish, Ceramic Paste Wax version 1.  SK15, SK-Mini and lots of pads. 


The next three pictures show how it came out after almost 8 hours of work.  The couple is very happy and thankful and there is no doubt they will pay it forward.














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My friend and neighbor needed his Jeep Rubicon prepared for winter.  I started in his driveway with a quick once over inspection looking for anything that may need my attention but found none.

Off to my heated garage we went where I started with a quick rinse of the roof and windows with Adam’s Rinseless Wash in a spray bottle. Those areas were then rinseless washed and the roof dried. The windows were cleaned a second time with Adam’s Clay Towel then dried. Next the paint was pre-rinsed then cleaned with Adam’s Rinseless Wash and several MF towels in a bucket. I spray rinsed then gently clay toweled the paint using the Rinseless solution as a clay lube. While doing that I discovered this mess on the hood. Quick pic and text sent with the approval to fix it as best as I could.28B881AF-D7F9-4F76-B243-005FEEAD6EFD.thumb.jpeg.70ece136a0835b582f8e1dfc0c5bd5d7.jpeg



Down to the basement I went to get the SK 21, a couple of MF pads plus Adam’s Correcting Polish and Finishing Polish. This combination quickly took care of the mess. While I had the polisher out I polished the entire hood and front quarters.


Now that I was done polishing I wiped it down with a competitor’s panel wipe then got to coating the paint, trim and glass with Adam’s Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating. I can’t say enough how much I love that product; easy on, easy off and the gloss is off the charts. 

Wheels and tires got a quick clean with the remaining rinseless solution, dried then wheels got coated with AGCSC topped with Ceramic Boost. My neighbor never puts tire stuff on the tires so I let them be with the exception of the spare which cried out for some Tire Shine.



Before bringing it back I cleaned the  interior glass with Adam’s Glass Cleaner and wiped down the interior with Adam’s Interior Detailer w/ Microban.


I was pleased with the results but my neighbor was even happier. I’m giving him some Adam’s Car Shampoo and Ceramic Boost with which to keep it up. 


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Yesterday Mrs. Captain Slow subtly suggested her Beast needed a desalting and bath. (“About as subtle as a rhinoceros horn up the backside.” BlackAdder) Pulled the SS out in the driveway and brought the Beast in. Got everything ready only to discover my battery powered pressure washer had died...immediately after I had foamed the Beast with the IK sprayer. Hooked up the garden hose whereupon my favorite nozzle decided it was time to go as well.🙄😠 Put on ol’ drippy the nozzle I hate but spent too much on to throw away and got to rinsing. Wheels and tires cleaned with Adam’s Wheel and Tire cleaner and Adam’s brushes, which are fantastic!  Then washed the Beast with Adam’s Car Shampoo. Rinsed off with a sheeting rinse and then Ceramic Boost on the paint and wheels with Adam’s Tire Shine on the Michelins. The gloss from the Boost 😍


Not bad for 6 years and 102,000 + miles. 

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Pulled the wife’s Beast out in the driveway so I could give the SS a much deserved rinse and rinseless wash. I sprayed the car down using Adam’s Rinseless at rinseless wash ratio and let it dwell.  I then cleaned the wheels and tires using Adam’s Wheel & Tire cleaner with Adam’s wheel and tire brushes which are fantastic! I’ve used so many different types of brushes over the years and was always “meh” with their performance. Too many times I finished cleaning the wheels only to find missed spots. So far I’m 8 for 8 with no missed spots and the previous brushes all found their way to the recycle bin this afternoon. That tire brush is “the answer to my problem,” quoting the Cubii lady.😁 I rinseless washed the SS after rinsing with clear water then reapplying rinseless wash. Each towel was used for one wipe, flip it over, another wipe and so on. I used Graphene Detail Spray as a drying aid on all surfaces except the tires. They got Adam’s Tire Shine. Here’s  the obligatory pic in my garage...which needs a deep clean, badly!


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So the last time our rides were cleaned was nearly 7 weeks ago. Since then we’ve had over two feet of snow, temps well below zero Fahrenheit, freezing fog and driving on roads covered in all sorts of de-icers and snow melters. Both vehicles were beyond filthy.  Since it was 54*F and sunny it was time to do something about the dirty rides.

Yesterday the wife’s Beast got its spa treatment which included two foam gunnings and two rinses followed by a bath with many MF towels in a bucket. Wheels and tires cleaned with Adam’ s Tire and Wheel Cleaner. Wheels got Ceramic Boost and tires got Tire Shine. Paint and windows got Ceramic Boost.   Happy wife, happy life! 😉

Today, 50*F, cloudy and breezy, so today the SS got the same treatment using the same products. I rinsed the SS then foam gunned it and let it dwell until it started to dry then rinsed and repeat. I could still see some road grime low on all four doors so I foamed again prior to washing. After rinsing the water sheeted more than beaded on lower panels.   I gently washed those areas again and rinsed. Aaaaaahhh that’s better! Beading is back. I’m thinking the coating still had some stubborn Illinois gunk on it and the second wash did the trick. Sheeting rinse followed by Adam’s Graphene Detail Spray as a drying aid. Wheels got Adam’s Rinse & Coat. Tires got Tire Shine.





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