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What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today


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I did this at my friends job last week. I had to polish the hood due to heavy swirls that were caused from using a truck brush to wash bird droppings off the hood. Apparently their prep dept. wasn't with it.

Love the reflection. 

Adams Swirl correction & Adams Polish with my Flex using 5.5 Orange and white pads

Finished with red pad and glaze. Sealed it with Graphene Spray Coating 



0711181234 (2).jpg

0711181234a (2).jpg

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Mary had a bit of a oops with a pot hole last week and ruined a rim.  Initially, I was going to coat the rim while cleaning the rest of the Terrain, but after a close inspection, it is time to redo it.  


While the Terrain looks good from 3 feet away, it still has the Ceramic Spray Coating on it, so we'll get it switched to the Graphene Ceramic Spray in the near future.  I did a complete cleaning of the interior, got all leather areas set with Adam's Leather Conditioner and all the floor mats done with Adam's Rubber Mat & Liner Cleaner, which absolutely works like a charm.


The outside was washed with Graphene Shampoo and dried with Graphene Detail Spray.




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After two plus weeks the SS was in need of a bath. Filthy wheels were cleaned with Adam’s Wheel and Tire cleaner, Adam’s wheel and tire brushes and my favorite Adam’s Turbo Stick. They were then rinsed and treated to a shpritz of Rinse & Coat. The vehicle got foamed with Strip Wash, allowed to dwell, then rinsed and refoamed. Second rinse left the SS near perfectly clean. I washed using Graphene Shampoo and numerous MF wash mitts in a bucket. Sheeting rinse left the SS with hardly a drop on it but the plush drying towel made quick work of the remaining water. VRT  on the cowling, Ceramic Boost on the glass and a coating of Tire Armor on the Michelins finished her off nicely. Interior wiped down with Sweet Pea Interior Detailer. Then it was off to the showers. P U was I ripe!


After a shower and pics I went to look at it’s possible replacement and was ignored by the sales staff inside the showroom and out in the parking lot. I’ll visit a different dealership on Monday since they seemed to not want to take my money and shiny ride. Left there and went fishing but should have just gone home as fishing stunk (as did the pond.) Took a pic as I was walking back to my clean ride. ♥️



Tomorrow, bright and early before church,  I’ll wash the wife’s Beast then possibly mom’s Corolla after services.

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My Scat Pack. The newest thing in my lineup is Graphene Detail Spray. I used it last week as a drying aid and this is just a maintenance was with Car Shampoo. 

 The Wheels are ceramic Spray coated and honestly I barely ever have to use any Wheel and tire cleaner on them. Same goes with the tires, they however I use VRT and that stuff lasts a few weeks. This is a week later, after a wash , no tire dressing no Drying agent just washed and dry with Adams Drying towels( You can see them in the garage hung up ).



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The newest member of the family arrived at the dealer on Wednesday and was at my house on Thursday evening.  The best part is that dealer never touched the body or interior, not even to remove the transport markings or tape.  The only thing the deal did was remove the transport protective film.  I washed it on Friday morning and continued Friday evening, Saturday and finished it this morning.


The Ford Escape Hybrid Titanium edition, replaces the daughters Jag since the mileage and fuel cost was taking a serious chunk of her funds.  Running between four restaurants she was burning about $100 in fuel every 3 days.  Why she chose to punish me with another black vehicle, I don't know.


I believe this is the first vehicle that I did not have to clay as the starting point, I did multiple baggie tests and it was as smooth as could be.  There was not even a mushed bug on this vehicle, so it was nice at a great starting point.  As for correcting, it had one small area on one back door that needed a little extra help, otherwise finishing polish was all that it needed.  


The first picture is before I started washing it on Friday morning. The next two are when I pulled it out of the garage this morning after getting Graphene Spray Coating top to bottom.  








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I finally got around to getting my truck redone with Graphene Spray Coating.  I did not plan on doing the trunk until the new garage was built, but found out that I'll need to take it on a short trip, so it has to look good.  After doing plenty of other vehicles, it is nice to have my own vehicle done.


The truck is 4 years old and has sat outside since it was purchased and it has 21,000 miles on it.  If it wasn't for the trips, it would probably be under 10k miles.  




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