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Got a new SS!


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Been looking for a nbs ccsb 5.3 4x4 fully loaded since april with no luck. Couldn't find the exact truck for the right deal. So, instead I came across this insane deal. Called the guy for the hell of it, checked it out a few days later, left a deposit, and picked er back up yesterday! Although it wasn't what I was looking for, it's ****ing sweet and I couldn't resist the deal


2005 Silverado SS, AWD, loaded to the max with dl3 puddle mirrors, 88k miles, one owner for only 9k!! I was always a lifted truck guy.. So this street truck scene is all new to me

Should be real fun though. Pics:






Two little dents on the bed rail. Actually not that noticeable, especially for being black.



There is no radio hooked up, but it came with the factory one, an alpine with flip out nav screen, and a dead pioneer one


Also just picked this nav unit up yesterday for $180.only used for one month





Dat snow roof





Has very minor things wrong with it. 2 bed dents as showed. Speedo needs a new stepper motor, and the MOSFET transistor shorted out in the ABS module, which causes the ABS pump to constantly run. The abs fuse is out so the pump doesn't kill the battery.


Plans I thought if in the past few days

clear heads/markers

polished bowtie (maybe with SS engraved black)

20% tint on fronts (maybe 50% shield later on)

roll on bed liner

roll up bed cover

CREE reverse bulbs

06 front end conversion (either stock hood or reflexxion cowl) eventually

billet antenna (probably black)



LED convert

Double din nav unit



airraid jr intake tube

aeroturbine muffer

planned on exhaust dump with ccsb, not sure how that'd look with street style??

blackbear tune


The ONE thing I would absolutely not buy in my next vehicle, was it being black. Well.... The deal was way too good.. So here I am. Wish me luck with the paint :lolsmack:


sent from your HTC Rezound

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Hey Greg, I did not know you were an Adams guy too.


I still cant believe the deal you got on that truck, yes it has a couple dings, but $9K is amazing. My 05 has the same miles and I would not even think about selling for less than $18K



Yeah man! Love Adam's.


The owner said he tried selling it back in December for like 13k but no real interest fast. So he dropped it way low to get rid of it. Yay for me haha and Blue Book on this was 18k





Great snag! After some Adam's INTENSE LOVING she's gonna be awesome!!!





planning on it!! Can't wait to go to town on er with the flex!



Nice work on getting that deal.. Now get yourself signed up on SilveradoSS.com and get yourself familiar with these trucks.. :cheers:


I've had mine for 8 years now as my DD. I always get compliments..



way ahead of ya buddy http://www.silveradoss.com/forums/index.php?/topic/79912-new-guy-with-unintentional-SS! Haha I know about GM trucks, but the SS's themselves are kinds new. I just know the basics


But that's cool, it will be my dd too. can't wait to start driving er





Congrats! :thumbsup:


Thank ya


sent from your HTC Rezound

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