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Lexus LS430 Hood Correction

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Hello everyone,


It's been a while since I've posted some of my work here. Between being a one man operation (so far), posting on my website and Facebook it gets to be a bit time consuming.


Anyway, a friend of mine finally had time to bring his LS430 to me. His hood was just a tad bit oxidized :help:. I didn't do a full corrective detail as the vehicle was not in bad shape (to professionals like us - there's always a need ;)). I did do a full interior detail using all of the traditional Adam's interior goodies. Sorry, but we did not have time for picture taking :(.


For the exterior I did my usual Wash Detail, clayed the hood, used SSR, SHR, FMP (I absolutely love seeing this step in action!) and finished with MSS. All polishing was done with a PC (I need a FLEX this year).





Before I started anything



Oh the ugliness



Close up ugliness, after claying



This picture was sent to me by my client as he didn't have time the day of correction



The 50/50. I love how the charcoal gray captures the sky and looks blueish.

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