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New Car Prep on the wife's new car...


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My wife had an '09 Mazda6 Grand Touring that we bought new, she loved it & called her Sadie. A few weeks ago it was hit while it she was parked at a gas pump. The car had 40k on it, so we decided to see what was out there. Ended up driving a few cars & really liking the new Fusion. We traded in the damaged car & picked this one up, it has the Titanium package. 2.0 Ecoboost, all wheel drive & is fairly loaded on the inside.


The dealer washed it & did a quickie on the inside.


I gave it a good foam bath & 2 bucket wash. Went over all of the paint & glass with a clay bar. There were a few swirls here & there, but for a majority I just used the Flex & FMP on a white pad, followed that up with sealant. Quick wipe down under the hood & some In & Out spray & then an interior wipe down & vac.


Here are some pics I snapped with my iPhone....













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Looks sharp! I love the interior. A huge departure from previous gen fusions. The interior looks more German than anything with clean lines and minimal, understated design. I love it!


This car, along with the new Mazda6 raise the bar for the mid-size segment which, in my hubmle (;)) opinion, is a sea of bland.


Enjoy the turbo! :)

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I am curious how you will like the controls on the stack. My wife and I are looking at the explorer and it seems not many mags/tv shows are enthusiastic about the center stack


I haven't spent much time in the car. The touch sensitive "buttons" work well, the touch screen is a tad slow to respond. It is nice to have multiple ways to control things. The interior is nice feeling & it is a quiet car compared to others in this price range.


Thanks for the compliments, we are happy with our choice so far!

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