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Best method to remove wax



Hi guys,


I want to apply Adam's sealant to my car but have a beautiful coat of Americana Wax that needs to be removed first.


I understand I could clay bar, use a household detergent or grease & wax remover as a few of the methods to prepare the surface for sealing.


What's the best method of removing the wax coat before I seal?


I also wish to touch up a couple of very small stone chips while I have the wax off. How long before I can seal over the new paint spots?


Thanks crew, I know I'm asking the right people because you're all using the best products. ;)

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since you plan on doing some touch up painting, don't strip the whole car until your ready to seal it.


with the panel your touching up clean, wipe down the areas where paint will go with Isopropyl Alcohol, do your touch up work, and let the paint cure for a few days. if your doing this on a weekend, the following weekend is good time to do a full strip wash like Roshan mentioned before laying down sealant.

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