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New From New Jersey


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welcome Joseph!




I dont really have any recent images of my car.. once the weather gets nice and after I receive my 3 detailing packages tomorrow I will post some pics.. but these were some pics I had laying around on the comp


side view



her tail



my mustang and my friends challenger



her in the snow



and my most recent picture


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Joseph welcome!


We are all addicts...good or bad, I haven't decided yet.


Adam does a detail clinic every year at Detailer's Domain in Norwood. You should check it out. I think a bunch of us will be there this year.


Definitely a good time.


thats perfect. where do I find out all the details about this event ?

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No cost.

Free food (tasty)

Adam and Ashley (last year) went through the process of using their products basically as shown on their videos. The difference being the ability to ask questions and do some "hands on" with the expert's critique. Overall a very fun and enlightning day. Well worth your time.

Nothing to bring...maybe a camera, lot's of nice cars.

Oh yea and money...lots of special deals from Phil.

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