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Headlight Restore - 2004 BMW



So today I decided to take a crack at restoring my dad's headlights on his 2004 BMW 325xi. These things were trashed! He had tried some OTC headlight repair kit and planned on buying new headlights. The oxidation was no match for some wet sanding and Adam's products!




- Waterless Wash

- Clay Bar

- Detail Spray

- Severe Swirl Remover

- Swirl & Haze Remover

- Fine Machine Polish

- Focus Pads

- Corded Drill

- Brilliant Glaze

- Quick Sealant

- Adam's Detailers Tape




- Waterless wash both headlights and the surrounding area to ensure a clean surface and to allow the masking tape to stick.


- Clay the headlights with detail spray and clay.


- Mask off the surrounding area. This step is super important! Definitely don't want to burn through any paint on the edges of the fender and bumper


- Tackle the oxidation with the green focus pad and Severe Swirl Remover. After two passes, there was little to no improvement. These things were nasty! On to wet sanding


- Carefully wet sand with 500, 1200, 1500, 2000, 3000 grit sandpaper and inspect the area to ensure all of the grit and oxidation was removed.


- Two passes with Severe Swirl Remover, Swirl & Haze Remover, and Fine Machine Polish with the corresponding focus pads


- Inspect. The lights looked nearly new. I applied some Brilliant Glaze followed by some Quick Sealant.

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I used this....


Headlight Sealant, 6.5 oz. (137306)



after it was applied it didn't settle as well as I thought so I just wet sanded again and polished and Boom looked brand new. I had a write up on here somewhere but I cant find it. only problem was the resealed headlight now looked better than the other so I had to do them both.


Sorry for the late response.






chrys7, Which UV coating did you use? I used the Quick Sealant as a temporary fix. I figure that should last a few months.
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