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Back From the Body Shop


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Finally got my Pontiac back from the body shop after the accident my wife was in. The body shop that I brought it to did an amazing job of fixing everything and straightening it out. The gaps are better than they were before and I had them add a few things into it while it was there as well. Had an idea of having the hood/bumper a bit like the G8 Firehawk and turned out awesome. Also had the taillights tinted. Let me know what you all think.


Of course I can't wait for Spring so I can get to work on correcting the paint again and making the black pop, but my question is, is what is the best way to care for a satin finish since that is what the hood is painted with?







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Quick Sealant will protect your matte finish on the hood, and keep it safe without changing the finish. Just be sure to give it 90 days to cure. And make sure you have your wash technique PERFECT when it comes to that hood. Cuz when you scratch that, there's nooooooo polishing it out!!! Treat it delicately bro.

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