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looking for a new camera...... need a "good" one under $200.


I know there are guys/gals on the boards that know a lot about cameras, and I am not one of them.....so lets here it.


been reading reviews on this one, Sony Cyber-shot DSC-wx150. thoughts or other sugestions???

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what is a dslr?


yeah basically I was looking for point and shoot...


A DSLR is Digital single-lens reflex. Basically its a camera for photography and not just something you'd take say out to the bar with you or to a sporting event. It's what news agencies use to take photographs. They have swappable lenses that can range anywhere from $50-10,000. They can sometimes take photos of people a mile away.


Digital single-lens reflex camera - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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We on our 3rd Canon PowerShot SX1## IS, with the current model being the SX160 IS and it is $169 through B&H photo.

Why 3? My b-i-l dropped our first one and bent the lens so it would not retract. Bought a replacement, and my wife picked me up the 'old' model for $99 last Christmas.

These are fairly compact, but not tiny. The reason they are on the 'big' side is they use 'AA' batteries, not a special battery. This is very handy when your batteries die, as 'AA' are available everywhere! The battery life is not as long, but we use rechargeable 'AA' in ours and they last for quite a while.

We get great pics from the Auto settings, but they have lots of manual stuff if you want to get into that.

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Guest Gone & Forgotten

I'm looking for something that does good video. DSLR like a Nikon 5200 or Rebel T3i?


Or uh. ? My blogger sucks, iPhone is a pain to hold and tripod.

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