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New from Denver


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Hi all! I've heard great things about Adams car care products for years but never really had a nice car to use them on.


This past year I picked up an Audi RS4 so I definitely want to learn as much as I can to keep it in tip top condition.


I was lucky enough to tag along to the German detail clinic hosted by Adam and his staff in Louisville, CO this past weekend. Lets just say I learned more in 3 hours than I had in my previous 27 years of detailing. It's great to learn how to do some claying/polishing/glazing/waxing from Adam himself.


Here are a few pics of the car...these are pre detail. Currently, I am in mid process of claying/polishing. I will post up a few when finished.







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Sick RS4 man, I thought about one when I was getting my SRT. Especially love the color, nice choice! welcome and glad you made it to the event in Co, nothing but great news :D


Thanks! It's been a blast of a car!


You can't go wrong with the SRT jeep! If I didn't find this particular car, the SRT would of been an option for sure.

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