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Cleaning wash pad



As the title says, I don't know how I should clean the wash pad.


I used the jumbo wash pad for the first time (loved it by the way, along with the shampoo, amazing!) but I don't know if I throw it in the wash with the MF towels I used or if it goes seperate or if it should be in the washer/dryer at all.


Help please lol

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Adams has a video for helping with this.

Do NOT put the wash pads in the washer/dryer.


I put a grit guard on the ground and put the wash pad on a grit guard. Using the fire hose nozzle I wash the pad with a fairly narrow stream of water working my way from one end to the other of the wash pad. Turn the grit guard 180 degrees and repeat the process across the wash pad. Then I flip the wash pad over and repeat the process on the second side.


Then I wring the wash pad out before gripping one end and flinging it in a golf- like swing repeatedly until water stops coming out.


To finish, I grip two adjacent corners and then shake one of the corners. This has the effect of making the fibers to loosen or fluff up.


Using this technique my wash pad has fairly successfully avoided the bunching of the fibers. I have well over 125 washes on one set of pads...And still use them for crappy work (such as rocker panels).


Here they are after 125+ washes and 1.5 years. You can see they aren't quite as good as new, some fiber clumping, but IMO pretty good for the amount of use they have had.


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