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Ambivalent towards recent body work?



On my 2009 MDX there were a few dings that I couldn't stand to look at anymore.


After days of online research..I came up with nothing, no one who could repair these dents who I could trust.


Eventually I found my neighbor who knew a guy, who knew another guy that pulls dents.


Long story short, I had him do the work and fortunately all the dents and missing paint are fixed.


But he washed and buffed the car, even though I told him not to bother. :banned:


The car has never been polished prior to this but I'm unsure if he polished it or just used a filler glaze as I can see some left of "paste" on my panels.


Attached are some pictures! Let me know what you think.


Excuse the poor grammar it's late on a school night

Camaro52013's Story by Camaro52013 | Photobucket

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You should ask him what kind of paint was used and the manufacturers specs for polishing! Then go from there . You can use detail spray. The paint needs to cure . Nothing on top of it that would stop paint from curing?


I gave him the paint code from Honda, then he sprayed new paint in. It's stil got 98% original paint left haha. I also cleared off the panels he painted, with distiller water and car wash soap.

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