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Not bad for 99


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...no not a '99, but 99 years old!

A 1914 Renault ED (chassis #44431) with a Locke and Company coachwork body. It is unknown how many of these chassis/body combinations were actually built, but this is the only one known to exist. The chassis was built in France and sent to Renault's American Selling Branch in New York.


I did not take lots of different Afters, but have quite a few Befores. Now on with the show!








35's baby, Donk that!





Beautiful engine! But I did not touch this area.









And before we get started with the actual detail, a shot of the interior:



There is a brass footrest in front of the seat that I forgot to get a shot of. The interior is original and looks like furniture from a fine hotel.



The Detail:

I started with a Adam's Blaster Sidekick Dryer to knock the dust and stray leaves off the car.


The owner did not want to put a hose on the car, so I had to use a rinseless wash on the car. I did a panel wash on the car, wiping with one of Phil's MF towels, and finished with a spray of DS & dried with a Waterless Wash towel.

The wheels were a challenge without water, but my solution was to clean the tires with APC and the new Adam's Deep Clean Tire Scrub Brush. I removed the APC with the rinseless wash in a pump-up sprayer. I sprayed Waterless Wash on the spokes (both sides!) and wiped with an Edgeless Microfiber Utility towel. The owner was nice enough to lift the car so I could rotate the tires to clean them, a huge help, especially for applying SVRT.


As I was washing the car the owner started polishing the brass. He was using a metal polish he said 'was the best he had found'. I handed him Metal Polish #1 & #2 and he did a side by side comparison. No shock to us on AF - the Adam's MP's blew the other one away! (A side note - Thanks to Adam for returning my phone call to talk metal polish on a Saturday morning!)


After wiping off the roof I applied a good coating of SVRT, and then it was on to the polishing.


I told the owner, this was the easiest car I had ever polished! The majority of the panels were large and flat, and almost 2x2 as well! This was just a 'shine up', not a prep for a concours show, so I just used FMP to remove some of the dullness on the 30 year old paint. As this was my first time working with single stage paint AND working on an aluminum bodied car, I preferred to make 10 passes with FMP rather than 1 with SHR. (Maybe next time we will do a 'show' detail on it and remove ALL the swirls.)

I cleaned the windows with Adam's Glass Cleaner and Glass Towels, then topped the car off with a nice coat of Americana.


Now the Afters:




Just to show how big this car is (I am 6'1")



And the money shot!




Thanks for looking!

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Thanks everyone! It was a lot of fun.


I forgot to mention that I had to 'earn my bones' with the owner by detailing his wife's Volvo. By the end of that detail he could not wait for me to get to work on this car!


Sweet Job brother,,, Came out great... :2thumbs:


Nice that Adam helped you out on a Saturday,,, Can not beat that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :2thumbs::cheers::cheers:


He was actually on a little vaca too. But this is one of the reasons were are here! :thumbsup:

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great work... i would have been a little intimidated to work on that car. Historic Automobile, it's in great condition.


Oh, I was! Knees shaking a little, but I knew that I could not hurt it with FMP and a white pad.

He told me the previous owner (in England) would take it on a tour of the Continent for a few weeks each year, and was one of those 'let the rain wash it' type detailers.

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