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Adam's Spring Detail Clinic & Military Hero Contest - March 23rd 2013

Guest Sarah@Adams

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Guest Sarah@Adams

Click the RSVP Link in the flyer above to be added to the list! :pc:


1) Ty Root aka Buteo and his Audi RS4

2) Chung

3) Slava Latyshov aka Slava and his Acura TSX

4) Amber Latyshov

5) Ernesto

6) Todd Hern aka Dieseldummy

7) Jon Schneider and his G Wagon/M Coupe

8) Randy Kring aka Ud_lose

9) Theoplis Hogue aka Tango

19) Jim Osgood aka Sparky997

11) Ryan Arndt

12) Iris

13) Andrew Williams

14) Steven Olech aka hondaforlife954

15) Richard Davis

16) Gary Kerkow

17) Ryan Kirkpatrick aka Show Shine Detail

18) Keith Michael aka comtnbykr

19) Kyle

20) Glen

21) Brandon

22) Tod Michael

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Guest Sarah@Adams
Wonder if I should get the Chevelle ready...



Someone needs to represent some American Muscle! :patriot:


I will be on the road so I won't be there with the Nova. It's all on you Mook!

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