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Something I noticed.


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I just noticed that under your forum name it changes from like a beginner to like expert in detailing by how many post that you have. This can be misleading. Because of a lot of questions asked and other post it shows that I am an experienced detailer but actually I am not, I am still new to the process. Not that it matters that much but someone might want to ask a question to someone that is not qualified to give the correct answer.

I know with this forum you will get the correct answer from qualified detailers it just seemed a little misleading to have it by your name.

Just a thought.


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I wouldn't over think the user titles... fact is anyone who wants to reply is going to, whether their advice is correct or not. The good thing is there are TONS of experienced people here and most questions get at least a half dozen responses within a few hours so the titles begin to matter very little.


Also, after you've been here awhile you start to see who has the expertise and authority to answer questions just based on their participation.

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Guest Gone & Forgotten
That's why I didn't go to college. I already knew how to spell! :lol:


I have a degree in computer sciences (90's) and I own a painting company.


Title doesn't dictate behavior. :D


Don't feel bad, we have a local Park-n-Sell car lot - someone parked a 90's model Camaro there and the sign in the window read "Camero" --- um, it's PAINTED ONTO THE REAR FASCIA! lol.


Needless to say, I didn't want a Camero - I wanted a Camaro (nephew is looking).

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However, mine is correct.


You know because on the internet, I'm like 6'8" tall and 320lbs. of muscle.




I think 320 is a little low, I would go more with 400lbs of muscle and you don't enter Mr. Universe because it wouldn't be fair to the compitetion :lol:

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